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Replace worn halyards before they fail. Tiny cracks in wire terminals (marine forks and turnbuckle studs) are subtle warnings that rigging should be replaced.

If your rigging is more then 10 or 15 years old or you have started to find cracked swages, it’s time to start replacing your stays and shrouds. Many customers choose to replace wire rigging in stages to make it more affordable. That is, replace the backstay and headstay one year, the upper shrouds the next year and so on.

Burr Bros carries a full line of stainless steel wire rope and end fittings from 1/8″ to 3/8″, assembled on premises. We carry the full line of New England Ropes for halyards, spliced at the yard. Burr Bros handles Nautec Rod rigging as well. We also will supply any other brand as requested.

Riggers are excited about installing the new Schaefer boom furler. The stainless steel gooseneck is fabricated inhouse. It is one of two being attached to a carbon fiber mast. They will support a new Shaefer furler boom. For years, Schaefer Marine has been a leader in headsail furling and reefing systems. Now they bring the same levels of quality and engineering to a new boom furler that finally solves the problems of reefing, lowering and safely stowing the main – even modern, full-batten, high-roach sails built for performance. Talk with your Customer Representative about the advantages of a boom furler.


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