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Paint and Detail

As part of our storage process we will paint your bottom, wash and wax your topside decks and house, and perform a spring cleaning to ensure your boat is spotless when you step on it for the first time of the season.  We also provide these services throughout the summer season, allowing you to spend more time using your boat instead of cleaning.

Burr Brothers Boats provides complete bottom painting solutions for your boat. Our paint and detail department have a commitment to excellence in functionality and aesthetics, while incorporating a safe workplace and environmental protection.  Our services include:

Annual Bottom Paint Protection – We prep and paint your boat bottom annually removing any prior growth, create a proper surface for adhesion and paint a complete coat. Proper paint protection leads to less growth and better performance.

Soda Blasting – Stripping a bottom offers a chance to build new antifouling protection using current technology. The tent shown above contains the soda blast.

Bottom Paint for New Boats – We prepare your new boat bottom for paint protection using Interlux barrier coat and bottom paint products. Properly painting your boat from the start leads to better performance and durability.

Cleaning and Burnishing – If you are preparing your yacht for racing we offer bottom cleaning and burnishing services.  We can assist in getting your bottom to the smooth, polished surface you are looking for.



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