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Burr Brothers Boats is a true full service boat yard.  We care for your boat as if it were our own, protecting your investment with proper maintenance and maximizing your time on the water.

We provide the finest kind of care because we employ a full compliment of experts and specialists year round. Our team is trained and experienced, providing over 40,000 hours of service and maintenance each year.

Storage options for boats up to 75′ include indoor, indoor heated and outdoor storage with shrink wrapping.  We store about 200 boats inside, 100 boats outside and provide additional storage for floats, dinghies and gear. 

When specialists and experts work together under one roof, the sum of the efforts is more efficient, the quality is improved and boat owners enjoy more free time as we handle all scheduling needs.  

When looking for full service storage and maintenance for your boat, please give Burr Brothers Boats a call at (508)748-0541.  

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Photo taken from the mezzanine in our main work facility


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