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We employ forty highly skilled craftsmen, year round, to service yachts up to 65 feet, loa. The focus of our operation is to provide maintenance, repair and renovation to customers who want to keep up the value of their yachts and enjoy trouble free boating.  We are located in Marion, Massachusetts, at the head of beautiful Sippican Harbor.  We offer profit sharing and health insurance.

Marine technology is modern and dynamic, old and time worn, power and sail, foreign and domestic, and everything in between. 70 years in business has taught us we can teach skills to the right person, but a skillful person with bad habits is of little value.  Don’t be shy about applying for work.  We look for a mix of solid experience and an ability to learn new skills.

We are a great place to learn a trade.  We have been recognized nationally for our commitment to training and education twice.  Our techs travel to schools all over the country.  We specialize, and we cross train, too.  We value stability, and have low turn over of either customers or employees.

Our employees tend to love boats, be neat by habit, and enjoy working outside and inside in all weather. They do not mind ladders, tight spaces, adverse weather, or other obstacles.  Our techs enjoy the art of moving heavy objects without harm, are invigorated by problem solving and trouble shooting, follow directions with care, and most importantly, have dependable character. Cleanliness and attention to detail is essential.

We do not have any job openings at the moment. Please come back again later.



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