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2016 Summer News



Burr Brothers Boats Sippican Harbor

Burr Brothers Boats, Sippican Harbor

Planning a cruise?
Who has enough time to do it all?  Let us do your prep.  We can fuel up your boat, top off water tanks, check fluids, filters, belts and charging systems so you can get straight to the fun.  
*Special Price* Materials plus $40 for boats under 25′; $95 for 26′-39′; $130 for 40′ and up.
*Special Price* $10/ft for Haul, Pressure Wash Bottom, and Re-Launch.  
Talk to your CR about taking advantage of discounted rates during our slow season, which runs July 21- August 26.
Tell us how we can help you enjoy time on your boat. We offer concierge services like valet docking, arranging for artisan provisions at the dock, housecleaning, even detailing the car you leave behind. Talk with your Customer Rep. We offer a free tee shirt to any customer who can stump us with a request.
2016 shed under construction
New Project Shed  photo taken winter of 2016
“Twenty-two thousand square feet built around who we are, what we do, and what customers want,” is how Yard Superintendent Chris Bryant describes it. “Boats and technologies change. Emotional involvement doesn’t.”
Yard Manager Jake Mello says, “When you get your team working together, moving efficiently, each person doing what they do best, everyone coming together to make something no one person could do – for me that is deeply satisfying.”
This shed is nearly built. This is a great time to look at Awlgripping your vessel in our new 80′ spray booth or undertaking a substantial dream project. Our new drive-in/drop-down test tank streamlines service for outboards. Feel free to come in and bounce ideas around with your CR or Chris Bryant. 
*New Idea* Boat-handling for Spouses.  Burr Brothers is offering two complimentary lessons for First Mates.  Private lessons are given by our rig department, aboard your vessel, while the captain is ashore, and include practice shooting a mooring in your boat, landing at the dock, and familiarization with your emergency gear and procedures. Lessons are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, now through September, as time allows, first come, first served. As always, our staff is available for boat handling lessons at our usual rate. Talk with your CR.  508-748-0541
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